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Victors Valiant episode 24: Big Ten power rankings, football recruiting and more

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Von thinks the U-M/MSU game right now is a toss-up. Do you agree? Find out why he thinks that in today’s Victors Valiant.

Michigan v Michigan State Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Welcome, ladies and gents, to today’s episode of Victors Valiant.

Trevor takes the reigns on this episode to lead a discussion about Michigan football recruiting, the Free Press’ latest article ranking Michigan as the No. 5 school in the Big Ten in football, and...does Von actually think Michigan State should be ranked ahead of Michigan in the Big Ten power rankings?

We will be back Thursday with another installment of our summer series going through the depth chart of each position. We’ll be talking running backs this week, so be sure to come back and tune in this Thursday.