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WATCH: Jim Harbaugh appears on ‘Detroiters’, beams guy in head with football

Harbaugh was amped up in his cameo appearance

NCAA Football: Florida at Michigan Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Comedy Central show ‘Detroiters’ has become quite a hit, and on Thursday night, Jim Harbaugh made a cameo appearance.

In the scene, Harbaugh is playing a game of fowling, and it’s not going well. Harbaugh gets angry and proceeds to throw footballs with some zip, with one ultimately hitting a dude in the head while he eats pizza.

Watch the full clip below:

The Detroiters official Twitter page confirmed Harbaugh has a #LaserRocketArm

While this was a funny scene with Harbaugh, it’s hard to top his ‘Saved by the Bell” cameo.