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Last season’s dead, the 2018 season hasn’t been born, all that matters right now is August for Michigan football

Is time on Michigan’s side?

NCAA Football: Michigan at Indiana Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

“Michigan finished 8-5 last year, it was a down year.”

“Harbaugh is 1-5 against his biggest rivals.”

Those are facts. But who cares right now. I don’t.

If you continue to dwell on past failures.. hell, if you continue to daydream about the glory days of yesteryear, you’ll likely have a muddled and unsuccessful time in the present.

I’ve met some people in life who keep moving forward, taking advantage of each moment of the day in which they live. That acute awareness brings about positive happenings for them in the long run. These people are rare, but when you’re around them, the described attributes are evident. And they’re usually successful individuals.

Jim Harbaugh may have these attributes to a fault, but as I said, it’s all about having positive happenings in the long run.

At Big Ten Media Days, Harbaugh said he doesn’t really think about the past a lot, he doesn’t have the time.

There was a time of self evaluation this off-season, where Harbaugh looked at what hindered Michigan’s chances at winning more games in 2017. But then he put that year in the rear view mirror and implemented change and focused on 2018.

Harbaugh made a ton of changes this off-season that are well known by Michigan fans at this juncture. From staff changes to new strength and conditioning coaches, this has been a revamp from top to bottom at a somewhat significant degree.

In a way, Harbaugh’s life at the moment is like a Rocky Balboa montage video. Rocky wakes up, this Apollo Creed dude has beat him before and Rocky is pissed about it, but Rocky doesn’t dwell on it too much, he has to train, he has to prepare in order to beat Creed. By the end of this montage video you start to think “Go get ‘em Rocky! You got this!” Not only are you now rooting for Rocky, but Rocky just motivated you to go do some damn pushups.

With less than a few weeks until Michigan plays Notre Dame, so much needs to happen in order for the Wolverines to beat the Fighting Irish. Journalists and fans can give their predictions and roster prognostications, but it’s quite premature to say how well Michigan is going to do in 2018.

Currently there’s a weird paradox going on. Lots of pundits are talking Michigan up big time heading into the season, while plenty of others cite Shea Patterson’s sub .500 record in the SEC and Harbaugh’s record against rivals as reasons Michigan will falter. All in good fun I suppose, but no one knows.

Time is relative. Time can fly by, time can go by slow, the days are long but the years are short. It’s August 11th, I know what you’re thinking, “But Trevor, Notre Dame vs Michigan is only weeks away, it’s not that far off from now.” Well, you’re right... kind of.

Here’s the thing, though... a lot can happen in one day. One day can define an existence, one day can bring about the most beautiful occurrences or the saddest of times. And there’s still quite a few days between now and the Notre Dame game. With those days, a whole hell of a lot is going to go down.

The Michigan players and coaches are full systems go right now. For better or worse, they are making each day count. Starting positions are going to be won and lost. New wrinkles are being put into the offense that will cater to Patterson’s skill-set. Leaders are going to be born, trust will be gained, improvements will transpire, techniques will become more sound. The team will become exactly that, the team will become a true team. All these things are going to happen in this “short” amount of time.

As we sit here on August 11th I can assure you the Michigan team is looking at a bit of Notre Dame film, the coaches are definitely spending a lot of time attempting to exploit their weaknesses, but the main key for player’s right now is winning on the practice field, in the film room, in the weight room, because only then will they win against Notre Dame and everyone else.

You probably should read the textbook before taking the test, right? That’s where Michigan is at right now, preparing for that test. They’re not concerned with the last test they failed, or the exam two months from now in Lansing, Michigan. You have to take one chapter at a time or you’re bound to fail one.

One day at a time to reach the final goal. As Harbaugh always says, “better today than yesterday, better tomorrow than today.” It’s more true than false. Let’s see if this version of the Michigan Wolverines are buying in to that mantra.