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Join MnB’s Pick ‘Em Contest For Glory

Make Picks. That’s It.

Air Force v Michigan Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

We like talking about college football with you, the Maize n Brew community. Not just Michigan, either. The whole grand show.

We decided to invite any who are as crazy about football as we are. Join us throughout the season to try to outsmart us week by week and be equally as bad at making picks as we are in the process, because no one can predict college football. Except maybe Vegas. Always trust Vegas.

Create an entry and join the MnB community group right here. The secret password is “Sadpizza.”

A simple ask: be kind and respectful just as you would in the comments section of the site, don’t use this as an excuse to rant about our writing or what-have-you.

There may be a prize. We’ll see. Either way,

For those unfamiliar with a pick ‘em game: Each week, pick the winners of 10 matchups across college football, and put a confidence ranking for each one. The picks will lock each Saturday morning right before the noon games.

Don’t worry, we’ll do a similar, separate contest for when the Bowl Games are set in December.

And with that, onward to the most wonderful 13 weeks of the year...