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The MnB preseason prediction hype machine gets fired up for Saturday

Let’s see how smart we are before any games get played.

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Michigan Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve arrived at game week, and while there’s still a lot to discuss heading into the season, the MnB crew was surveyed to see if some general themes or expectations would emerge. Michigan has climbed up the preseason list of teams to pay attention to after spending almost all spring and summer camp in blissful anonymity. After getting input from most of the staff, it’s clear to me there are some firm expectations for what I will formally label as the 2018 Revenge Tour.

Q: Name one or two breakout players from the offense and defense.

Rian Ratnavale: David Long | Zach Gentry

David Noe: Aubrey Solomon | Nico Collins

In fact, Josh, both Andrews, Dan, Jon, and Kevin all picked Aubrey Solomon to make an impact.

Von Lozon: Josh Ross | Nico Collins

Dan Plocher and Mak Popa both picked Nico as well. That kid is going to be vital without Tarik Black for a little while.

Kevin: Mustapha Muhammad for the offense. Can’t get enough of those prototype Harbaugh tight ends.

Dan Allweiss: Donovan Peoples-Jones

Jon Simmons: Nick Eubanks

Newest MnB guy Andrew Vailliencourt: Big Cesar Ruiz on the O-line.

Sam Dodge: John Runyan, Jr.

Andrew Bailey: Grant Perry

Q: Which of the rivals is Michigan beating this year?

All twelve of us are confident in beating Notre Dame. And by a comfortable margin, everyone put in a double-digit victory, which, sure why not!

Eleven of us are confident in beating Michigan State (cough - Sam - cough). When it comes to Ohio State...that dips to seven out of the twelve. Mak, Jon, Dan, Rian and Von are on the fence about the Buckeyes.

Q: How many wins does Michigan get this year?

  • 10+ wins - 11 votes

Q: Level of Shea Hype?

  • The Sheavior We Need - 5 votes
  • Tate Forcier with an arm - 3 votes
  • Death By 1,000 Run Pass Option - 3 votes
  • This Is Fine - 1 vote (C’MON, SAM)

Q: Which team on Michigan’s schedule scares you?

  • Wisconsin - 4 votes
  • (THE) Ohio State - 4 votes
  • Penn State - 2 votes
  • Northwestern (!?!?) - 1 vote
  • Michigan State - 1 vote

Q: Does Karan Higdon break 1,000 yards?

Yes! - 10 votes

No - 2 votes

Q: Does Michigan win the B1G East?

Yes! - 7 votes

Nah - 3 votes

Maybe? - 2 votes

Q: What excites you the most about this year’s team?

Rian: The speed and bulk at every position on the roster.

David: Addition of Coach Herbert, Warinner, and McElwain; Defense gonna be goooood.

Josh: Ed Warinner.

Andrew: Ed Warinner plus new O-line plus no Tim Drevno plus Don Brown continuing to be the greatest living American.

Sam: Ed Warinner.

Von: Has anyone mentioned Ed Warinner yet?

Dan Plocher: Harbaugh’s best team to-date — brought in new faces, has a ton of talent on both offense and defense, and it’s not close compared to most of the Big Ten.

Andrew V: Shea Patterson - above-average quarterback play with this defense = hoo boy.

Dan Allweiss: Last year’s defense plus a good quarterback.

Jon Simmons: Chris Evans as a receiving back!

Kevin: Competent offensive line play and blocking. I’ve wanted this for seven years. Don’t let me down, Ed.

Mak Popa: *Looks at returning defensive starters. Laughs manically*

Q: One outrageous-yet-plausible prediction that all of us can laugh at after the season. Go!

Rian: Shea Patterson will catch a touchdown.

David: Chris Evans and Karan Higdon rush for over 1,000 yards.

Josh: Michigan beats Ohio State by double-digits in Columbus.

Andrew B: Michigan blows out Notre Dame & Michigan State; Patterson finishes 4th in the Heisman voting; No opponent scores 20 points on Michigan; Devin Bush actually eats a Rutgers player; Alabama misses the College Football Playoff.

Style points for Andrew!

Sam: The Big Ten is done with scandals until January.

*chortle chortle chortle*

Von: Rashan Gary will get holding calls!

Dan: Michigan will have a top-20 offense in yards per game this year.

Andrew V: Tarik Black returns to catch the game-winning touchdown against OSU.

Dan A: Michigan Beats the Spartans by at least two touchdowns.

Jon: Jaylen Mayfield and James Hudson become starting tackles by the Ohio State game.

Kevin: Shea finishes in the top tier of offensive efficiency because of the new O-line.

Mak: Shea Patterson leads the country in combined passing and rushing yards.

We’ll know a lot more come Saturday night in South Bend, but I’d be curious to see some additional thoughts and predictions in the comments.