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Don Brown and Jay Harbaugh like what they are seeing from Shea Patterson

The Michigan coaches spoke to the media on Wednesday afternoon

NCAA Football: Vanderbilt at Mississippi Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan defensive coordinator Don Brown and running backs coach Jay Harbaugh spoke with the media earlier today, and one name was brought up that both coaches gave good reviews of, quarterback Shea Patterson.

“He’s a confident guy. He has the ability to do things with his legs, he’s got a quick release. I just like the guy, I just like him,” Brown said.

Brown likes his skill-set, which has a combination of good arm talent, playing experience, and mobility. “When you couple the ability to throw, the ability to maneuver and move around as an athlete, and a guy that has experience now, that piece gets overlooked. ‘This guy’s a good player, let him play. Why isn’t he playing good?’ Why don’t you give him a chance to breathe, and let him play good? How about that? Sometimes I think that we forget about that.”

When it comes to experience, Brown thinks that’s an important attribute Patterson has to offer. “This guy has played. He’s played a lot. And he’s been in the soup, at high levels. I think that gives him general respect, but the way he goes about doing it, he’s certainly earned my respect. He came in and talked coverage today with the boss. So, you know, he’s just a great kid. I’m excited to see him play against other people.”

Jay Harbaugh has noticed an improvement in Patterson since Spring practices concluded. “You can tell he put in the work,” Harbaugh said. “May, June, July until now, he definitely has improved his command of things, his understanding of where his different outlets are for the ball, formations, run game, all that stuff.”

These are solid reports, because if there wasn’t an improvement from Patterson in the months of May through July, it would indicate he felt that he’s already good enough, the quarterback job is his, etc. We will find out how well Patterson does shortly, but every report to this point has suggested he’s an extremely hard worker who has earned the respect of his teammates and coaches.