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Thursday Morning Brews: The wall

We’re another week closer to football

Air Force v Michigan
Together we stand, divided we fall — Jim Harbaugh, probably.

Happy Thursday, folks. Welcome to Morning Brews. We’re just 23 days away from the season opener against Notre Dame, and we’re just 30 days away from when Carl Grapentine will call out for the first time, “Band... take the field!”

As usual, there is a song referenced in this morning’s article. There are at least two clues. Clues may be words, phrases, or photos, and may reference lyrics, the artist, or the album. If you think you know this morning’s song, fire away down in the comments.

Let’s get to it:

Shea Patterson progressing. The QB competition is now well underway with Fall camp opening this past Friday. While it’s nominally an open competition, most people outside the program expect Shea Patterson to eventually win the starting job. How’s he looking in camp? At a Wednesday press availability, Jay Harbaugh said, “You could tell he’s put in the work through May, June, July and until now. He’s improved his command of things, his understanding of where different outlets are for the ball. Formations, run game, all that stuff.” While Harbaugh also noted that all QBs are progressing, things look on track for Patterson.

Roy Roundtree’s journey back to Michigan. This is a fun one. In February, the news broke that Roy Roundtree would be returning to Michigan as a grad. assistant and helping to coach the receiver group. How did the relationship between Jim Harbaugh and Roundtree get started? According to Aaron McMann over at MLive, Roundtree’s phone rang out of the blue one day and it moved quickly from there. For the full story, check out the article above.

Michigan saw Quintel Kent’s upside. Says Allen Trieu over in the Detroit News. While some have questioned Kent’s three-star rating and lack of big time offers, Trieu cites Sam Webb as saying, “I think you should always weigh heavier, and weigh more favorably, the camp offers. That doesn’t mean they’re fool proof, but the coaches get an opportunity there to test a guy physically, assess height, weight, speed, see how he responds to coaching, to different competitive scenarios, and that is about as thorough of an eval as you can get” With Kent being a camp offer, Trieu argues we should give Kent and Harbaugh the benefit of the doubt.

Last week Morning Brews brought you the news that Quinn Hughes will be returning to the Wolverines for another season on the Yost ice. Hughes, of course, was drafted No. 7 overall by the Vancouver Canucks following his freshman season with Michigan. Aside from the Hughes news, check out the special summer edition of Inside Michigan Hockey above for all the storylines heading into Mel Pearson’s second season at the helm of the Wolverines.

In the category of old friend alerts, check out this clip of former Michigan RB Mike Hart. Hart is going into his second season at Indiana, where he’s coaching running backs. Big Ten Network visited Indiana’s fall camp this past Monday and one of the coaches they mic’d up was Hart. First flagged by the Detroit News’ Angelique Chengelis, my favorite line from the clip is Hart saying, “I’m fat right now bro. I’m fat. Don’t worry . . . six pack coming back, man.”