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Michigan President says Harbaugh isn’t on the hot seat

The president has spoken.

Michigan v Notre Dame Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Every time the Michigan Wolverines lose a big game the same question gets asked on the radio, in articles, and proclaimed by disgruntled fans and foes...

“Is Jim Harbaugh on the hot seat?”

“Harbaugh better be on the hot seat!”

First of all, heated car seats are awesome in the winter. But secondly, to think Harbaugh is on the hot seat is as silly as the joke I just made.

Earlier today, University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel threw cold water on this “hot seat” talk with one simple, yet telling sentence.

There’s the matter of economics at hand, Harbaugh is still owed over $28 million dollars by the university (he also receives $2 million plus per year via an insurance policy). That’s a lot of dough to just throw up and hire someone new.

Then there’s the matter of on field production and if anyone could do a better job than Harbaugh. I’ll let you answer that question, but I hate to break it to the fanbase, Michigan hasn’t won Big Ten Titles in abundance in a long time. They’ve rarely made it to the National Championship game the past 50 years. It’s hard to win at Michigan, harder than you think.

One thing Harbaugh would agree with, Michigan needs to start winning the big games and every game in between.

Maybe Harbaugh will turn it around, maybe he won’t, but he will receive more time to create a lasting legacy for the program. Lots of time.