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Harbaugh’s thoughts on Shea Patterson: “high level stuff”

Things are trending in the right direction for Michigan at the quarterback position

Western Michigan v Michigan Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

The Michigan Wolverines offense scored early and often versus the Western Michigan Broncos on Saturday, winning 49-3.

The Wolverine rushing attack was hitting on all cylinders, but the offense had steady quarterback play from Shea Patterson, who went 12-17 for 125 yards and 3 touchdowns.

After the game, Jim Harbaugh was asked a variety of questions about Patterson, and Harbaugh enjoyed QB’s performance.

Evaluating Patterson’s performance

“I thought Shea played really well again,” Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh said after their 49-3 victory over Western Michigan. “He made some big time plays. Some of the throws he made out of the pocket, or on the dead run, getting out of trouble, those were big time plays.”


“I thought he was accurate, really accurate again. Playing cool, making the tight window throws for the second week in a row, so I thought he was more in control, more in charge.”

Sideline throw to Oliver Martin

“The feel, the depth perception, the ability to throw different types of passes. That was a dead sprint on the run to Olive. And a really nice catch by Oliver Martin. He stayed with the route the entire way and came back and did a great job on the sideline. (Patterson) Drilled it in there on the dead run, to his left, that’s check-check-check, that’s plus-plus-plus.

Touchdown pass to Oliver Martin

“The throw to Donovan was really good, that wasn’t his first read, and that was a long throw from one sideline all the way to the back corner of the end-zone. And that one required some touch on it. But it had to get up and down quick before Donovan got out of bounds, so that’s pretty high level stuff.”

Field Vision

“I think he’s got really good vision of the field. That’s something I’m asking him all the time, ‘how are you seeing things?’ ‘What are you seeing?’ It was really good.”