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Views From Stadium Blvd #8: WE STILL LOVE MARCH

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Michigan v Michigan State Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Talking about the Big Ten Tournament, how much we LOVE MARCH, and having a discussion section about Michigan basketball and who out of Hannah and Harley is Jordan Poole and who’s Isaiah Livers (until 19:20), Looking forward to this week in basketball, recapping football news and deciding whether we hate football, (until 30:53) We talk about national sports news, Hannah announces which NFL team she’s rooting for next year, Harley explains the world in college basketball (until 50:48), we pledge our eternal love to the month of March till death do us part and then we go over this week’s #FailList (until 1:08:45), Han reads her latest installment of the fanfiction and it gets weird (Mark Dantonio is still transformed into a squirrel and Mark Donnal may or may not have an evil twin).

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