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Thursday Morning Brews: It’s A Long Way to the Top

Big Ten Tournament season is here

Wash St. V Michigan

Hey folks, Trevor Woods here filling in for the hard-working ClevelandJames.

This brews is dedicated to getting you prepared for the weekend, which yes, does have a huge rivalry basketball game to watch in East Lansing, but that isn’t all! Michigan athletics has tournaments happening across a variety of sports.

As always, there’s a song hidden somewhere in this article (or title), but let’s get to them brews while it’s still bright and early.

Hockey has to win out at B1G Tournament

Michigan hockey hasn’t had the season they hoped for heading into 2019, injuries and inconsistencies have hampered their chances of making the NCAA Tournament. Now Michigan faces a situation where they have to win the Big Ten Tournament to make the NCAA Tournament.

The No. 6 Wolverines will be taking on No. 3 Minnesota, a team they split a series with earlier this month. The series begins on Friday in Minneapolis and is the best 2 out of 3. While Michigan is the lower ranked seed, their playoff experience could aid them in squeaking out a victory in the first round of the B1G Tournament. Don’t count Michigan out just yet.

Wrestling team set for B1G Tournament in Minneapolis

The Michigan wrestling team will be participating in the Big Ten Tournament in Minneapolis this Saturday. Here are the pre-seeds, which should remain the same once the tournament rolls around

Women’s basketball heading to Indy for B1G Tournament

Michigan will be the No. 4 seed in Indianapolis and will face No. 5 seed Ohio State, No. 12 seed Penn State or No. 13 seed Wisconsin in the quarterfinals on Friday. The team finished 20-10 during the regular season.

Water Polo Prestige

Goalkeeper Heidi Ritner has put together a remarkable career at Michigan, and now is making history: