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John Beilein approves of the Juwan Howard hiring, calling it a ‘Fabulous one”

John Beilein was excited about Howard hiring and shared his seal of approval.

NCAA Basketball: Michigan at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

John Beilein was a coach that was going to be difficult to replace. He’s worked hard over 12 years to bring the program to where it is today. The new era is about to begin with the hiring of former Fab Five member, Juwan Howard.

While taking over as head coach for the Cleveland Cavaliers a couple weeks ago, he’s made appearances at the NBA Draft and Chad Tough Foundation fundraising event with comments about his decision and love for Michigan. He posted in his own reaction recently about the hiring decision.

The reaction by most seems positive but still uncertainty on how successful Howard will be as first-time head coach. His assistant group is still being discussed, so be sure to follow our work as we will keep you posted on the latest news and notes.

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