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WATCH: Michigan’s Jordan Brewer throws a rocket from right field to make the out

Find a more impressive out from right field in college baseball. We’ll wait.

NCAA Baseball: College World Series Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan baseball’s performance since the regionals has been close to unprecedented; from taking down top-ranked UCLA, to being one of the last four in the College World Series, to now a win away from its first National Championship since 1962.

Each game has given us some impressive highlights, but this one from Jordan Brewer will be tough to beat.

Brewer was asked about that play after the game and was confident he gets that out, even before the play.

Michigan faces Vanderbilt tonight in Game 2. The Wolverines have two games to seal the National Championship. The odds are in their favor, with 11-of-16 teams winning Game 1 winning the title.

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