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MnB staff picks an All-Michigan team for CFB’s 150th season

These are the guys we’d want playing for Michigan every Saturday

Michigan v Utah Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

College football as an organized sport turns 150 this season. That’s a lot of games, tailgates, halftime shows, and unbelievable plays. Michigan’s program has been official for 138 of those seasons, and that’s a lot of guys who have worn the winged helmet (once Fritz Crisler invented the winged helmet). What would a All-Michigan roster look like if one was to be decided on?

I asked all my MnB cohorts to vote for a typical fantasy-style roster of Michigan players who they felt were the best at their respective position. As much as I would’ve liked to have each of the defensive positions, I settled on just a whole team defense from a particular year. Of course everyone will have their own opinions, but some common choices still emerged. The other players who received votes became the honorable mentions.

Rather than focusing solely on statistical heavyweights, it turned into more of a fan-favorite or most-impactful group. The fun part about Michigan football is that there have been so many of both, and no matter what era, there have been plenty of memorable men in the maize and blue.

Share your own thoughts as to which Michigan players are your all-time favorites, and definitely pay attention to ESPN’s season-long celebration of 150 years of college football...

Quarterback: A tie between Denard Robinson and Chad Henne

Honorable mention: Bennie Friedman, Brian Griese, Jim Harbaugh, and John Navarre

Running back: Mike Hart by a mile

Alternates: Anthony Thomas, Chris Perry, Tim Biakabatuka

Handcuff running back: Tyrone Wheatley

Fullback: Khalid Hill

Honorable mention: Ben Mason, Chris Floyd, Rob Lytle, Russell Davis

Wide Receiver: Desmond Howard

Wideout #2: Braylon Edwards

Honorable Mention: Mario Manningham, Anthony Carter, John Kolesar

Tight End: Jake Butt

Backups: Jay Riemersma, Ron Kramer

Kicker: Zoltan Mesko

Honorable mention: Jay Feely, Kenny Allen, Remy Hamilton

Offensive line: I wanted to see if anyone would pick the same year, but nope. Varies from 1991 to 1997 to 2000, 2006, and Gerald Ford’s year (1933)

Team defense: Also all over the place, but the 1997 team got the most votes.