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WATCH: Film Analysis Episode 3 - Indiana Live-stream analysis

The Indiana game was an ugly one. Stephen spends 2 hours breaking it down for you.

It was an ugly, ugly game for the Michigan Wolverines against the Indiana Hoosiers. This game proves that the Michigan State game wasn’t simply an outlier, but more of a rude awakening that Michigan duplicated for the second week in a row.

I won’t lay into the game details, as I’m sure you don’t need an explanation of what went wrong, though I was extremely curious to figure out how it all went wrong. Getting lit up by Michael Penix for his career best game isn’t too surprising. After all, Michigan did give a true freshman a career day the week before. However, 13 rushing yards on 18 rush attempts is extremely discouraging, given the weakness of this Indiana team was supposed to be their run game.

So, what did I find in this analysis exercise I continue to subject myself to? Offensively, it was a nasty cocktail of missed execution from the OL, a defense that was able to tee off against a bland, predictable run game, and some late reads from Joe Milton with some spotty accuracy. Despite having his downs, I’m still encouraged with the clear upside from Milton that he showed frequently this game.

Defense was no better, where consistent offsides penalties gave Penix free shot after free shot against a struggling secondary. That accounted for 14 points and multiple other 20+ yard pick-ups. I’ll let the rest of the analysis speak to the issues the defensive unit had, there are plenty that I don’t feel like typing out for the second week in a row.

Let me know your thoughts on this long-form livestream analysis. I’ll be a bit more structured next week, but will mix it up if you fine people enjoy the change-up.