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Recap: Here’s all the synonyms for ‘bad’ that can be applied to Michigan’s loss to Wisconsin

We’re running out of adjectives to describe poor play.

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Michigan Wolverines just got blown off of their home field 49-11 by the Wisconsin Badgers, who are a hell of a football team but have not played a game in three weeks. There was no fire, terrible body language and just an overall showcase of a broken coaching staff, system and roster.

The Wolverines went down 28-0 at the half, just like last year in Madison. Joe Milton played his worst game as a Wolverine and was replaced in the second half by Cade McNamara, who looked like he should probably get some more run moving forward.

This team is exhausting and this coaching staff is beyond frustrating. Every week since the opener has been the lowest point of the Jim Harbaugh era and there is very little to suggest anything changes anytime soon. However, this is the type of loss that necessitates change somewhere. Anywhere.

Instead of giving you a blow-by-blow recap of what took place on Saturday night, here’s what lists as all of the synonyms for “bad.”

  • atrocious
  • awful
  • cheap
  • crummy
  • dreadful
  • lousy
  • poor
  • rough
  • sad
  • unacceptable
  • blah
  • bummer
  • diddly
  • downer
  • garbage
  • gross
  • imperfect
  • inferior
  • junky
  • synthetic
  • abominable
  • amiss
  • bad news
  • beastly
  • bottom out
  • careless
  • cheesy
  • crappy
  • cruddy
  • defective
  • deficient
  • dissatisfactory
  • erroneous
  • fallacious
  • faulty
  • godawful
  • grody
  • grungy
  • icky
  • inadequate
  • incorrect
  • not good
  • off
  • raunchy
  • slipshod
  • stinking
  • substandard
  • the pits
  • unsatisfactory

A number of unnamed sources (friends and family who felt bad that we have to watch the game) reached out throughout the night, so I have decided to share their thoughts here as well.

  • “So.. who’s the backup? Lol”
  • “Man they suck. Someone better be fired after this game”
  • “I saw some games during the rich rod era that made me embarrassed to be a fan - what I’ve seen tonight surpasses that - no aspect of this game has been competitive or admirable”
  • “I’m sorry you’re forced to watch this”
  • “How is this game already this embarrassing”
  • “Never a good thing when the head coach is asking the QB two throws into the game “are you ok”’
  • “Dude..... is this Michigan or my local little farm town high school team? I’m speechless. Truly”
  • “Not a single reason for optimism”
  • “Can we finally put an end to the “Who can you get that’s gonna be better than Harbaugh” narrative finally?”

Next up for Michigan is a trip to Rutgers next weekend in a game that no longer looks like a layup, which is as damning a comment or joke I could make in here tonight.