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WATCH: Michigan Hockey Game Recap - Michigan’s 3-0 win vs. ASU

Stephen helps breakdown the second game in the series for Michigan hockey’s sweep of the Sun Devils

The Michigan Wolverines proved that their season-opening win on the ice of 8-1 over Arizona State was not a fluke, following it up with a 3-0 to complete the sweep of the Sun Devils this past weekend.

While the 3-0 score doesn’t look quite like a domination, the advanced statistics tell a different story. Michigan won the Corsi (shot attempt metric) 65-39 on Saturday’s 8-1 win, and outdid that on Sunday with an 83-31 advantage. So, they actually played better on Sunday despite only having 3 goals.

I do attribute the better play from Arizona State’s true freshman goalie, Cole Brady, who is no slouch himself as a 5th round 2019 NHL Draft pick. However, it took a herculean-type effort from Brady and some luck to keep Michigan to 3 goals. Combine that with some really solid defensemen and one of the best goalies in college hockey in Strauss Mann and...buddy...we’ve got something here.

If you missed my recap for the first game, check that out right here. Don’t forget to subscribe to the MaizenBrew YouTube channel, and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.