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WATCH: Michigan Hockey Highlights - Thursday 5-2 win over #14 Wisconsin

Michigan Hockey is young, explosive, and showing it against Top 15 teams

The Michigan Wolverines hockey team is legit. I thought they had something last week after the sweep of the Arizona State squad in victories of 8-1 and 3-0. However, the football team fandom has bled over, remembering the first and subsequently only win of the season against a Minnesota squad that was solid last year, but turned out to be bad this season.

Arizona State may not be good, per se, but they’ve got a pulse, and Michigan looks like an elite squad against the Wisconsin Badgers. Though Wisconsin started the first game of the series hot, pulling to a 1-0 lead and putting on tons of pressure throughout the 2nd period, Michigan found their comfort zone and it led to 3 goals after 40 minutes.

To read a full recap, our very own ClevelandJames has you covered with a great series recap. Click the link to watch some highlights from the first game of the series, and stay tuned to the channel for highlights for Michigan’s 2-1 OT thriller from Friday.