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WATCH: Michigan Hockey Highlights - Friday 2-1 OT win over #14 Wisconsin

Michigan Hockey completes the sweep against the Badgers in an overtime thriller

The Michigan Wolverines left Madison as an undefeated hockey team, completing the sweep of the Wisconsin Badgers with an exciting 2-1 overtime victory on Friday. This came the day after an impressive 5-2 victory on Thursday. Here’s my highlight video if you need to be caught up, there. Back to Friday — if you missed it, there’s a certain game-winning play from true freshman Thomas Bordeleau that was the #1 play on the SportsCenter Top 10. It was the cherry on top of a hard-fought battle that felt like an unlucky game overall for the Wolverines.

Give credit to the Badgers; Wisconsin played a an extremely good game defensively, led by the veteran goalie Robbie Beydoun. They fought off countless attacks from Michigan, who won the Corsi 61-36. Late in the game, a couple of tough penalty calls helped slow down Michigan, who was applying great pressure throughout the final period.

With the new overtime rules of a 5-minute period of 3-on-3, you had to think Michigan’s talent would shine through, and boy did it. A beautiful dangle and patient back-handed goal proved just how high the talent-level this hockey team possesses.

A fun fact to end this write-up? Looking at the nation leaders in points thus far, 6 of the top 8 players are Michigan Wolverines. Even more fun? 5 of those 6 players are true freshman.

Catch Michigan against Notre Dame on Friday at 7PM EST on BTN+.