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WATCH: Michigan Hockey highlights from 2-1 loss against Notre Dame

The Irish complete the sweep against the Wolverines with a 2-1 victory over Michigan on Saturday night

The Michigan Wolverines dropped their second game of the season to fall to 4-2, losing again to the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame in a close battle, 1-2. A ton of great looks for the Wolverines simply couldn’t get past the staunch defense of their rivals. Goaltender Ryan Bischel for the Irish was particularly good in this game, thwarting any Michigan attack time and time again.

Although the first game was a bit sloppy from Michigan’s defense, it minimized mistakes in this second game of the series, and Strauss Mann had a fantastic game. The first goal came off a Michigan’s defender’s stick that Mann had little chance to save; the second goal was an empty netter. Even so, it proved to be a tough match-up for the young, undersized Wolverines against a more experienced, physical squad. For a full recap, check out the summary from our very own ClevelandJames.

Notre Dame leaves Ann Arbor with a clean sweep of the Wolverines, who look to Wednesday, Dec. 2 to get back on track against Penn State.

Timestamps of the video can be found below, as well as in the description of the video itself:

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09:40 End-game Thoughts

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