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WATCH: U-M Hockey highlights for 9-5 loss to Penn State

Watch highlights & analysis of Michigan’s ugly loss against the Nittany Lions

Yesterday, I released the video for the Michigan Wolverines 3-1 victory in the first game of the two-game series against the winless Nittany Lions. After that game, one might thing that game two would be more of the same. I was likely with you in that assumption. Instead, Michigan left Pennsylvania with a split series and a game 2 loss of 9-5.

How exactly did Penn State get to NINE goals against Michigan? After all, Michigan had given up a total of ten goals in their first seven games, so nine within one was quite the shocker. Michigan had a healthy dose of penalties, poor goaltending, and an out of character Strauss Mann. Eventually, Mann was pulled for the young-gun Erik Portillo, but that was past the point of the game looking conceivable for the Wolverines.

For the full game recap, check out this piece from our very own ClevelandJames.

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