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WATCH: Police video released of Zavier Simpson traffic incident

Bodycam footage shows what happened the night that led to Simpson’s suspension.

Ann Arbor Police Department, Detroit Free Press

Zavier Simpson was suspended one game earlier this month for a traffic incident that happened in Ann Arbor in the early hours of Jan. 26. Now, we have a (mostly) full look at what took place at the scene with the Michigan Wolverines senior point guard and captain.

Police bodycam footage was released by the Detroit Free Press on Friday morning, which shows what took place when offers arrived at the scene of a crashed SUV that was registered to the wife of athletic director Warde Manuel. Simpson has given the officers a false name, then admitted who he was but changing the story throughout the interrogation.

The officers knew who he was, as is evidenced early in the video.

During a follow-up investigation, Simpson would admit that he was the driver and that he lost control with the road conditions and hit a pole. These comments were made with a lawyer present. He also admitted that there were no other passengers in the car.

For more from the story, head on over to the Freep’s writeup of the events. After watching the video, to say was lucky to get off lightly from this one might be a bit of an understatement.