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Jim Harbaugh talks possibility of football being played this fall

Michigan’s head man went on the Dan Patrick Show Tuesday morning and gave his thoughts.

Vrbo Citrus Bowl - Michigan v Alabama Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Michigan football head coach Jim Harbaugh went on the Dan Patrick Show Tuesday morning and talked about a few different topics, but most notably about whether or not football will be able to continue this fall with the ongoing pandemic.

“I think right now, we don’t know because it’s dictated by — I think the simplest answer is, if the governors allow our gyms to open back up,” Harbaugh said. “Then we should be able to get our guys back into the weight room and training. Then, a whole set of a lot of smart people are working on, ‘Can we eventually play the games?’

“I don’t think anybody knows for sure right now.”

Harbaugh continued, saying there are “a lot of different scenarios” being looked at, including the length of schedules, a schedule of only conference games being played, whether or not fans will be allowed in stadiums.

If football was able to continue, but it came down to a schedule of only conference games and zero fans being allowed into any stadium in America, I would 100 percent take that over no football being played at all. As long as I am able to turn on my television and watch live sports, I am good to go. Beggars can’t be choosers, so I won’t be a beggar during this time.

You can watch the full interview here.

Spike Albrecht virtually teaching kids basketball during pandemic

Everyone remembers what Spike Albrecht did in the National Championship against Louisville (this team did not exist) back in 2013. Not only did he explode for 17 first-half points, but he even tweeted at Kate Upton after the game, which is still a bold move to this day but a totally respectable move, to say the least.

Despite his playing career being over, Albrecht has kept busy, especially during the pandemic. In an interview with Josh Henschke, a MnB alum, over at The Michigan Insider, Albrecht revealed exactly what he’s doing during this tough time — teaching and inspiring the next generation of basketball players over video calls four days a week.

“Well, it started about honestly four or five weeks ago, back in late March,” Albrecht said. “I was doing them for my prep school team out on the East Coast, which is Northfield Mount Hermon. I spent the past season there. You know, just trying to keep our guys busy, doing stuff for them. And there’s like 15-20 kids on and then it kind of started to branch out, we get more and more kids. I had a few high school coaches, a few AAU teams can kind of see what was going on and started hitting me up asking me to do workouts for their teams.”

Albrecht was always a student of the game under Beilein, and you could tell coaching was in his future after his playing career. As one of my personal favorites of the Beilein era, I am fully rooting for him to succeed in whatever he does.

Give the entire article a read — it is well worth your time.

National Brews

  • The NFL and the teams in the league reached an agreement to raise the debt limits from $350 million to $500 million, according to ESPN. This will help teams get through financial hardships in the event fans are not allowed to attend games this fall. The league owners will reportedly vote on the proposal next week.
  • The Mamba Sports Academy is taking the “Mamba” out of its name, out of respect to late NBA star Kobe Bryant.
  • Unfortunate news to share, as Florida Tech announced it’s eliminating its football program due to the pandemic. This is the first college football program to be cut because of the coronavirus. The good news is their football players will have their scholarships granted for up to four years.