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Where Jim Harbaugh ranks in the best coaches in the country may surprise you

Harbaugh’s shtick may be getting old

NCAA Football: Michigan at Illinois Michael Allio-USA TODAY Sports

247Sports ranked the top 25 coaches in the country and Jim Harbaugh may be a bit lower on the list than what you would expect. As the third highest paid coach in college football, Harbaugh is poised to be the 18th best coach in the country heading into the 2020 season according to 247Sports Scouting Director Barton Simmons.

“It’s safe to say the shine has worn off Jim Harbaugh at this point. When he was hired at Michigan, he was considered a Top five coach by most and perhaps it’s against that canvas that makes his results disappointing. Because let’s be honest, with 10 wins in three of his five years in Ann Arbor, he’s giving Michigan success it hasn’t had in 20 years. The Ohio State losses look bad, he’s lost four straight bowl games and the offense has lacked consistency and the defense has lacked big game resolve. One breakthrough season would go a long way in changing the Harbaugh narrative.”

Although fans may not want to hear it, it has always seemed like the university has been behind Harbaugh, no matter the antics or lack of achievements. In fact, Warde Manuel openly endorsed the Michigan head coach’s performance in an interview with Angelique Chengelis prior to the start of the 2019 season saying, “Jim has done an outstanding job, three 10-3 (seasons), one 8-5 season. Five, 10 years ago, people would have stood up on the chairs and given a standing ovation for that record.”

After notching another 9-4 season, the fan base may not be on the same page as Manuel, as expectations were as high as ever with a 2019 team loaded with talent.

Because Harbaugh has failed to meet these expectations of some fans and national media members, he has slowly begun to slide on people’s big boards of head coaching talents at the collegiate level. Now, Harbaugh ranks as the fifth best head coach in his own conference, according to Simmons’ rankings.

Coming in as No. 1 coach in the Big Ten is James Franklin, head coach at Penn State (and No. 6 overall). Then, at No. 2 is the Ohio State Buckeyes’ Ryan Day (No. 7 overall). Third is Wisconsin’s Paul Chryst as the No. 11 coach in the country. And just ahead of Harbaugh at No. 16 is P.J. Fleck over at Minnesota.

Of course at the tippy-top of the rankings are Alabama’s Nick Saban at No. 1 and Clemson’s Dabo Swinney behind him at No. 2. Ed Orgeron of the LSU Tigers comes in at No. 3.

Shea Patterson praises Jim Harbaugh on CBS Sports Radio

The newest Kansas City Chiefs quarterback joined Tiki and Tierney on their show and complemented Harbaugh’s coaching style.

“The one thing he passed on to me was his passion for the game and the way he approached every single day,” Patterson told Tiki and Tierney, “You always got the same coach Harbaugh in the office and at practice. He is always intense and very serious about the game. His passion is just contagious and that’s something I will carry with me for a very long time. I’ve never had more fun playing for a coach.”

One of the biggest knocks on Patterson throughout the combine and in college was his passion for the game. Those doubts and others caused him to go undrafted, but that hasn’t slowed down his mindset throughout all of this

“I just control what I’m able to control. I felt like I worked very hard. I felt like I got four really good months of work in. I really felt I got myself better each and every day. I felt prepared going into the Combine and into the Senior Bowl. I didn’t really know what to expect on Draft Day, but I knew sooner or later I was going to get my chance and I think that is all you can ask for.”

National Brews:

  • The NFL schedule has been released with all 16 games being expected to be played and the season beginning as scheduled. There was no word on whether or not fans will be in attendance.
  • The Kansas Jayhawks basketball program is about to get the hammer. According to a report by the NCAA enforcement office, Kansas committed “egregious” and “severe” rule violations which “significantly undermine and threaten the NCAA Collegiate Model.” Head coach Bill Self and his assistants allegedly “embraced, welcomed and encouraged” Adidas to help coerce basketball recruits to commit to Kansas.