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Michigan Baseball sees four players selected in 2020 MLB Draft

The Wolverines had a big few days despite a shortened event.

College World Series - Michigan v Vanderbilt - Game One Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images

Michigan Baseball was unable to adequately build on the hype it generated in last season’s run to the College World Series final due to the coronavirus pandemic canceling the 2020 season in progress. That said, Erik Bakich’s program still had a huge week during the MLB Draft.

The program saw four players and a high school commit taken in the five-round event, which was cut down from 40 rounds. Despite a season that was cut short, the Wolverines still put out almost as much talent as any program in the country. The guys already on the roster that they sent to the pros finished only second in the entire class behind Arizona State. The Sun Devils had five players selected, headlined by top overall pick Spencer Torkelson (shoutout to our friends over at the Detroit Tigers blog Bless You Boys).

Here’s a recap of where everyone ended up.

Outfielder Owen Cassie (Michigan commit) — San Diego Padres (Round 2, Pick No. 45 overall)

Cassie was a bit of surprise going this high, but the high schooler may now be headed to the pros instead of heading to Michigan if the Padres can get him signed. That is the expectation as of now.

Pitcher Jeff Criswell — Oakland A’s (Round 2, Pick No. 58 overall)

Seeing as Cassie does not count, Criswell’s selection still gives Michigan its highest draft selection since 2000 when Dave Parrish went 28th overall to the New York Yankees.

Outfielder Jordan Nwogu — Chicago Cubs (Round 3, Pick No. 88 overall)

I might be biased here seeing as the Cubs are the team I pull for from the National League, but I love this fit for Nwogu. He is a blast to watch play and was the most fun to watch on Michigan’s roster when he was out there, so he should fit right in with one of the better-run organizations in baseball currently.

Outfielder Jesse Franklin — Atlanta Braves (Round 3, Pick No. 97 overall)

Franklin did not play in the abbreviated season for the Wolverines this season due to an injury but gave Michigan a third top-100 pick for the second season in a row. That has never happened before.

Shortstop Jack Blomgren — Colorado Rockies (Round 5, Pick No. 140 overall)

Blomgren’s selection made it a historic night officially for the Wolverines, as the program saw its fourth player in five rounds selected for the first time.


Michigan did not lose as many players as it may have expected to in this draft with guys like Joe Donovan, Ben Dragani, and others not being selected, so that does help the ceiling of next year’s team. Bakich and his program may have a scholarship crunch to deal with, but it is a good problem to have, all things considered. All of these guys wound up in good spots with Criswell and Nwogu seemingly having the best chances of breaking through. We will have to wait and see what happens, but the Wolverines have become a pro prospect factory in recent seasons and there is no reason to think that will not continue to be the case.