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Discussion Thread: Sports worth watching this summer

There are still plenty of sports to watch on TV, they just might not be the ones you normally tune in to.

Super Rugby Aotearoa Rd 5 - Hurricanes v Highlanders Photo by Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images

The summer of 2020 has been a weird one for fans of sports. No NBA, no MLB, no NHL, big tennis and golf tournaments have been cancelled. The good news is there have been sports to watch to replace some of our other past-times.

The Korean Baseball League has been on ESPN, albeit late at night. Golf has been back the past month with some entertaining tournaments. The UFC just had a pay-per-view on “Fight Island” in Abu Dhabi. Soccer is back in various leagues across Europe and Major League Soccer just restarted with a tournament format in Orlando. There are still sports to be found on the television, they’re just a little harder to find and sometimes they’re obscure.

A league I’ve become interested in is Super Rugby, which airs on ESPN each Saturday at 11:30 PM ET. This league is hard hitting and actually features fans in the stands! I’ve been highly entertained by the physicality and the viewing pairs nicely with a cold brew on a Saturday night.

The MLB, NBA, and NHL all coming back will be positive news and make things feel a little more normal, but my question to all of you is which sports are you watching this summer? Have you become a fan of some juggernaut European soccer team, or did you settle for jumping on the bandwagon of an underdog table tennis team?