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Here’s what those in the Michigan community are saying about the 2020 football season

Social media was blasted with reports of a potentially canceled season.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Reports of a potentially canceled football season for the Big Ten Conference were running a muck yesterday after the Detroit Free Press broke a story that said the Big Ten Presidents had voted 12-2 against playing in the fall of 2020. Polarizing comments came from both sides of those in favor or against the decision and it was later refuted by multiple reports. Nonetheless, the season is still very much in jeopardy for the Big Ten and for several other Power 5 conferences as the MAC and Mountain West Conference each decided to postpone the season to the Spring.

A similar decision could still be made this week by the Big Ten as Kirk Herbstreit reported on Monday evening that:

With that being said, several players, staff, and members of the Michigan community voiced their opinions, and for some, their outrage at the situation. Only amplified by the fact that Michigan Athletics has done an outstanding job with their COVID-19 protocols.

Most notably, Jim Harbaugh took to Twitter to voice his frustrations and provide facts on the Wolverines testing and safety measures, welcoming others to come and observe how there has been much success in Ann Arbor with a long note:

One of the leaders on the defensive side of the ball, junior Aidan Hutchinson also praised how safe he feels in Ann Arbor:

Hutchinson’s father, and former Michigan football player turned emergency room doctor, Chris Hutchinson also backed Harbaugh and his son’s notions:

Director of recruiting Matty Dudek supported his head coach with a Twitter post of his own:

Tight end coach Sherrone Moore also expressed admiration for the Michigan community throughout this process:

Lisa McCaffrey, mother of potential starting quarterback at U of M, Dylan McCaffrey, complimented the Wolverines and said she was fully comfortable having her child play at their facilities:

Junior defensive back Hunter Reynolds had several comments, including a shot at the President that quickly went viral:

Offensive coordinator Josh Gattis joined the #WeWantToCoach movement that echoes a similar mantra:

Freshman cornerback Andre Seldon ended the evening with a positive note on the matter:

Football may not be over, but neither are the discussion about canceling it. Reports are in that the Big Ten athletic directors are planning to meet on Tuesday to further discuss the season that is in jeopardy. No matter what ends up happening, these players and coaches took their chance and voiced their opinion about the 2020 season. Hopefully for all of us their comments will not be in vain.