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Michigan Basketball’s latest offer would fit in perfectly with the class

This top 50 player was recently offered by Juwan Howard, and his game has similarities to a current U-M star.

Michigan v Northwestern Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

This past Sunday, Juwan Howard and the Wolverines sent an offer to Bryce Hopkins, a four-star power forward in the 2021 class who de-committed from Louisville on Aug. 9.

On this week’s Future Brew podcast, Von Lozon and Jon Simmons discuss how Hopkins is a great fit with the rest of Michigan’s 2021 class, and how he compares to a current player.

Von: Another potential top target for Michigan here — and they ended up offering this player not long ago. His name is Bryce Hopkins, and if you’re unfamiliar with Bryce Hopkins, I can’t really blame you because he was once committed to Louisville, de-committed very recently and then Juwan Howard pretty much got right on that and sent him an offer. Pretty significant here considering that Bryce Hopkins is an Oak Park, Illinois native. Michigan already has an Oak Park, Illinois native committed to this 2021 class — that is Isaiah Barnes. I got to see a little bit of (Hopkins), and you can see glimpses of Isaiah Livers in his game a little bit with the ability to not only have an inside game, but also hit shots on the outside. So again, a lot to like from this player here. I don’t know how aggressively Juwan Howard and them are gonna go after him, but if they send him an offer, one would imagine that they’re probably pretty interested.

Jon: Yeah, I think any time a top rated kid like him from Chicago becomes available, it’s a good idea for Michigan to jump on them just because of how positively Juwan is viewed in the Chicago area. He’s gonna give Michigan a shot for anyone from there, so might as well go after him. And he fits the class well — he could play the wing, the power forward spot. They need some guys on the wing in this class, and someone who can play the two through four is gonna be helpful for sure. I see Will Tschetter more of a guy that’s gonna be between maybe the four or five, depending on how he grows, but I think someone like Bryce Hopkins can be more of a wing player, and I think he’d fit in the class nicely. I know a lot of other schools are kinda pouncing on him, too, after he de-committed from Louisville, so it’s gonna be a tough battle, but that’s what you expect with a top 30-ish kid like Hopkins, so we’ll see how it goes.

Listen to the full podcast below.

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