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U-M coronavirus update: 3 positive tests out of 616 conducted this week

2,200 tests have been conducted in all.

Ann Arbor Cityscapes And City Views Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

The University of Michigan athletic department released the latest batch of data for COVID-19 testing of student athletes and staff on Saturday morning. The program tested 616 athletes and coaches/staff this week, yielding three positive tests.

Here is the latest data from U-M Athletics.

Athletes currently on campus: Football, Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball, Volleyball, Field Hockey, Men’s Soccer, Women’s Soccer, Ice Hockey, Men’s Gymnastics, Women’s Gymnastics, Wrestling, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Men’s Track & Field, Women’s Tennis, Women’s Track & Field, Rowing, Baseball, Softball

Student-athlete tests for COVID-19, to date (all tests): 2,200

Positive Tests: 39

Staff member tests: 350

Positive tests: 3

Total tests administered (student-athletes + coaches/ staff): 2,550

Positive tests: 42

Latest testing updates as of August 28

Total individuals (student-athletes + coaches/ staff) tested between August 22-28: 616

Positive test results between August 22-28: 3

Note from U-M: The overall number of tests and positive results will not necessarily equal the sum of this week’s update plus the figures give in prior weeks’ updates. This is due to the number and timing of surveillance tests being conducted, and reflective of the fact that some test results lag behind others.