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WATCH: A breakdown of every snap Joe Milton has taken so far

Breaking down every single meaningful snap of Joe Milton in a Wolverine uniform.

Have you heard the words “Joe Milton” enough by now? Since being named the starting quarterback for the Michigan Wolverines, the hype train has been churning at full steam ahead. Despite being 6-for-11 passing with 1 passing touchdown with 2 interceptions, there are some lofty expectations being set out for the first time starter.

Our very own Anthony Broome is urging people to let Joe Milton be Joe Milton. People are throwing out comparisons so lofty I am nervous about even mentioning them here, but one rhymes with “Sam Bewton”. After reading through this analysis from Dan Plocher and going through the film myself, I’m optimistic, but with quite a few caveats.

I’ll leave you to be the judge. Let me know your thoughts on the 30+ minute analysis I’ve provided, and what your expectations for the first-time starter in 2020. As always, throw a like on the video and subscribe to the YouTube channel if you like what you see. Plenty of content in the works for the next few weeks!