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Maize n Brew staff shares favorite Michigan performances

The staff has some thoughts about historic performances as we close out the week.

Tim Biakabutuka Getty

As our first theme week comes to a close at Maize n Brew and we wrap up some of the iconic Michigan Wolverines performances of recent history, a few of our staff members weighed in on the moments that stood out the most to them. Given the wide array of memories, there was a bit of overlap with things we covered this week, but they all mean different things to different people.

Here is how some of our staff weighed in:


Denard Robinson in the 2011 win against Notre Dame under the lights. Statistically speaking, it was far from being a perfect game for Robinson. He completed only 11 of 24 passing attempts and threw 3 INTs, but he was the entire offense that game. He rushed for 108 yards and a TD, and threw for 338 yards and 4 TDs. The team had 452 yards of total offense and Robison accounted for 446 yards of it. But more than putting the team on his back in a big game, it’s what Robinson did in the final 30 seconds of that game. It was a glimpse of the best of what Michigan Football could be with Denard Robinson at QB. It was dangerous, it was dynamic, and there were broken plays that led to extraordinary gains and a win over an arch rival. Robinson took the team 80 yards in 28 seconds for the winning TD and will live in the memory of the Michigan fans who witnessed it forever.”

Dan Plocher profiled this moment for us earlier this week for a longer look at where this stands in Michigan history.

Chris Castellani

“Trey Burke’s 13 points in 2 minutes, 56 seconds against Kansas. “

Anthony Broome profiled this and expanded on it earlier this week:

“For as awesome and iconic a moment as that was, it holds an even more special place in my heart. I always took that as a sign from my grandpa that everything was going to be okay and that there was still positivity in this world. It did not heal all of the personal wounds I felt, but it did light a spark and get me eager to get back going again when the time was right to do so. The fire was still there and I wanted to be able to cover and write about moments like that.

For better or worse, the rest is history and I’m still on the that path seven years and change later.

Sports are a great unifier that can bring us together and yank us out of some very tough times. None of us will forget where we were on that night and we all have our stories to tell about that experience. My recollection just happens to remind me why I do what I do whenever I think about it.”

Andrew Bailey

“Tim Biakabutuka going for 313 yards & 1 touchdown against Ohio State in 1995. It ruined the Buckeyes’ hope for a national championship and is still the single game rushing record in Michigan history. Need I say more?”

What were some of your favorite Michigan memories? You can sound off in the comments below or weigh in and join the conversation in our open thread.