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Welcome to controversies week! Which moment gives you the biggest headache?

We’ll be discussing these moments throughout the week.

Michigan v Ohio State Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Welcome to Controversies Week here at Maize n Brew as we continue our theme weeks in a football-less fall. Over the next number of days, we will discuss some of the notable events in Michigan history that caused us to pull our hair out and scream to the mountaintops while screaming for answers.

Obviously, that could be a number of things given the recent history of Michigan Athletics in a number of spots. This school and its sports is many things to many people, so we’ve decided to open up a thread for you to sound off on the ones that have always rubbed you the wrong way.

Now, we would like to keep this conversation related to things that have happened on the field of play and not some of the other controversies, such as waves hands at the state of the Big Ten. Let us know below which moment still bothers you to this day, like why JT Was Short.