NFL Players That Loves Online Games

Just like every other sport where we will see the players have other talents aside from that certain sport. It is the same with National Football League (NFL) players. Most of them possess other talents that are yet to be disclosed to the media. Football is known to be a top sport among many across the globe, and its popularity only continues to grow at a tremendous rate. In this article, we will list out NFL players that love playing in real money online casinos when they are not carrying out field activities to help their teams win points.

Josh Shaw

Josh Shaw is famously known as the cornerback for the Arizona Cardinals in the National Football League. He is one of the most talked-about players in the league as he was previously rated as a five-star safety in the class of 2010 by 247 Sports. He is the first on our list of players that love gaming.

Although NFL has a partnership deal with Caesar's Palace as the official casino sponsor, the league was still adamant about its no-betting policy for the players. However, Shaw has always been a big risk-taker and loves playing online casino games. He gambles to the extent of placing a bet at Caesar's Palace sportsbook against his team. A game in which Shaw was on the injured reserve list having succumbed to injury earlier. Still, his act was a shock to everyone and according to he became the first NFL player to be suspended for gambling in 36 years. Betting against his team seemed to have been made after several analyses of his own as investigators failed to find any evidence that he had any special information on the games he placed bets on.

Juju Smith-Schuster

Popularly known as JuJu, Smith-Schuster is a wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He made his name known after becoming the first player to win two offensive touchdowns in at least 97 yards, as well as being the youngest in the American League to move past 2,500 career receiving yards. Aside from his talent on the football field, Smith-Schuster is also great at playing online casino games along with online video games.

JuJu is a member of the FaZe Clan, an esports team. It was reported that the NFL superstar lived in the crew house in Los Angeles for a short time to improve his gaming skills. If he happens to retire from NFL in a later year, JuJu has his gaming side hustle as he often makes short appearances on Twitch streams as well as hosting important Call of Duty events just as he announced Black Ops 4 in 2018.

John Urschel

John Urschel is a mathematician and a retired professional player of the NFL. He could be deployed as a guard and a centre. He moved to the NFL after being picked in the fifth round of the 2014 NFL Draft by the Baltimore Ravens after claiming his bachelor's degree and master's degree in Mathematics at Penn State. Aside from being an NFL star, he also loves playing chess, which shouldn't come as a surprise considering his Math degree. Urschel is hoping to become a National Master, which is a title given to players who reach a specific stage in the game by the US Chess Federation. He is also pursuing his PhD.

Playing online games is exciting and the adrenaline rush is what makes people keep coming back to play them. It is a fun way to relieve stress and improve the mind. With the continuous growth of the online casino industry, it’s only a matter of time before it amasses players from every area of entertainment.

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