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Senior Bowl director/draft analyst Jim Nagy talks process in COVID times, what he sees in U-M prospects

We caught up with the U-M alum and Senior Bowl maestro to get an inside look at the draft process and scouting in a pandemic.

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On a bonus episode of the Maize n Brew podcast, we chat with Senior Bowl executive director and NFL Draft analyst Jim Nagy about how they pulled off the event in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and the increased importance of it during this draft cycle. Other topics covered include:

  • How NFL front offices, prospects, and evaluators have had to adjust to the current state of the world
  • If teams are going to be more willing to trade draft picks for proven players given the uncertainty of the scouting cycle
  • How opted-out players are being viewed in this stage of the evaluation process
  • How a limited amount of 2020 game film will help or hurt prospects
  • How the Michigan prospects (Ambry Thomas, Nico Collins, Chris Evans, Ben Mason, Camaron Cheeseman) performed during Senior Bowl week
  • Production vs. measurables
  • The traits he sees from Jim Harbaugh-coached players at Michigan

You can follow Jim on Twitter at @JimNagy_SB

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