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WATCH: Michigan Hockey Highlights vs. Ohio State

Breaking down the series split against the Buckeyes

The Michigan Wolverines are a chaotic team. They have 73 goals scored compared to 40 goals allowed, but only a 12-8 overall record to show for it. It’s a team that has all the talent in the world to compete against the best in the league, but will inexplicably drop a game to teams they have no business losing to. This Ohio State team was only 5-15-1 going into this 2-game series against the Wolverines, yet pulled out a split series.

The first game featured a ton of decent chances for Michigan, resulting in a huge shot advantage. Ohio State used their defenders to block a ton of these shots, and some early shaky goaltending from freshman Erik Portillo proved to be the difference in this one, as the Wolverines weren’t able to break through late in this one.

The second game showed something closer to the teams expected performance with an impressive 6-0 victory. Thomas Bordeleau had an excellent game, posting 2 goals and 2 assists on the night. Brendan Brisson was extremely active, as well, putting in a goal of his own and adding 3 assists.

It’s a Wolverine squad that could definitely make some noise in the postseason. Now it’s just about finding consistency to get it done.