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Gattis explains what Moore and Weiss bring to Michigan’s offense

Gattis chats about two assistant coaches.

NFL: JAN 11 AFC Divisional Playoff - Titans at Ravens Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

With a new year came changes to Michigan’s coaching staff at the assistant level. Two of those changes were Michigan hiring former Ravens running backs coach Matt Weiss as quarterbacks coach, and moving tight ends coach Sherrone Moore to offensive line coach and co-offensive coordinator. These moves were made to bring fresh perspectives to the equation — both analytical and philosophical, along with new energy.

When speaking to the media on Wednesday, Gattis talked about both Weiss and Moore and what they bring to Michigan’s offense.

Gattis mentioned that Weiss’ analytical background will be an asset to Michigan and how he evaluates film. Along with that, Gattis has been impressed by Weiss’ attention to detail with QB mesh concepts.

“Just being in the room with coach Harbaugh, there’s a number of different responsibilities with the quarterback coach. Obviously, with coach being in there and how he’s done it in the past, there’s a lot of things that pull at him being the head coach. Being able to have someone in the room as well to balance coaching the quarterback position,” Gattis said. “Matt’s background, he’s a very smart coach, he’s been around a lot of different systems. He’s done some things analytically. Obviously, they were really productive in the quarterback run game area at Baltimore. There are some elements of just experience, along being in there.

“One of the things he’s done a really good job with coming through, small things like quarterback mesh. Quarterback-running back mesh. Something that a lot of people overlook and that’s been a major emphasis on coach Weiss since he’s been on, cleaning up the quarterback-running back mesh. Little things that oftentimes go unnoticed. With his experience at the running back position and to see the different types of ballhandling the quarterbacks have had. Just being able to put his finger on that and have a different style, really lay out touch for that piece has been really important which has had a ton of success just focusing on small, little detail that can create major success in a play. He’s been a great addition just as coach Hart has been on the offensive side. Really pleased with our offensive coaching staff.”

Gattis comfortability with Moore is at a high-level and loved the fact Moore’s position was elevated to co-offensive coordinator along with offensive line coach duties. Moore will be helping Gattis with scripting, and helping keep the energy at a high level.

“We’ve got tremendous chemistry. I’ve known coach Moore since, golly, 2014, 2015. So we’ve been really, really good friends. I’m so excited for him and his career being able to coach the offensive line and be adamant for him being the co-offensive coordinator. He’s a bright coach. The players love him and we see the players respond to him. Just how he coaches them and the energy he brings each and every day, and the positivity. He’s got a very, very bright career in this profession. People only see him as a recruit but he’s so much more. He’s a very, very talented coach. Great man. That’s my guy. We’ve got a great chemistry,” Gattis said. “Just being able to take some things off my plate whether it’s scripting-wise, whether it’s other things to free up some other things for me. It’s been really, really important. Not that we didn’t have that in the past, all these coaches have done a really good job of certain areas they’re responsible for. Really, really, excited about what coach Moore brings to us as an offensive line coach and co-offensive coordinator.”

Gattis believes chemistry is ascending, we’ll see if that translates into a better on the field product in 2021.