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New Ravens FB Ben Mason talks mentality, versatility, Harbaugh brothers

Mason found a good home in the NFL.

Michigan State v Michigan Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Former Michigan fullback Ben Mason just went to a team that embraces power, embraces running the football. The Baltimore Ravens selected Mason in the 5th Round of the NFL Draft on Saturday.

After Mason was selected, he spoke with media about his new home and what he brings to Baltimore. Here are some of Mason’s comments.

On versatility

“I’m a player who is very versatile, and that’s something that you need to be as a fullback. You need to be able to play in the I-[formation], play in the ‘Hip,’ play a little bit of tight end. That’s what I’m going to bring on the offensive side of the ball. And then, I have experience playing defense in my time at Michigan. That’s only helped me become a better football player – at defensive tackle. On special teams, I play all four units. I take special teams extremely seriously, and there’s no better feeling, to me, than running down on coverage units and meeting the ballcarrier. So, I look forward to making my imprint felt.”

On mentality

“Since I’ve been a kid, I’ve really just enjoyed the process of arriving at contact, going from Point A to Point B. I love everything about it – just arriving, meeting them with your hands and driving your feet on contact. My mental process is, ‘I’m the baddest dude on the field at all times,’ and I’m going to play like that and think like that. So, that’s really what I think, and when I see defenders in the hole, I want to make them feel my physical presence.”

On playing for Jim Harbaugh and now playing for John Harbaugh

“I really enjoyed playing for Coach Jim. He was my favorite coach, and it was just an absolute joy playing for him, and I can’t wait to play for his brother, as well.”

On Senior Bowl performance, athleticism/power as a runner

“I can’t tell you exactly what the Senior Bowl did for my draft stock. All I know is I had a great experience down there, had a lot of fun competing with some of the best seniors around the country. And as far as the hurdling goes, that’s just another tool that’s in my toolbox. That’s really [how] I look at it. It’s just another way to combat defenders when they come at you low. You can run them over, you can jump over them or even juke them. So, that’s just another tool that I have in my repertoire. I learned it at a young age. I’ve probably been doing it since sophomore or junior year of high school. I really just look at football as, ‘Be as versatile as possible, do as many things as possible, and it’ll work out for you and your team.’”