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How the Seth Trimble offer affects Michigan’s point guard board in 2022

Michigan has two top 100 options in the 2022 class at the point guard position.

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Juwan Howard and the Michigan Wolverines extended an offer earlier this week to 2022 four-star point guard Seth Trimble. On this week’s Future Brew podcast, we discuss that offer and how it affects their other option at the position in this class.

Von: Monday, May 10, Michigan extended an offer to four-star point guard Seth Trimble. Listed at 6-3, 185, he’s from Menomonee Falls in Wisconsin, and he is No. 78 overall on the composite, the No. 14 point guard in the country. Got some other pretty good offers here — Illinois, Indiana, Arizona State, Creighton, Wisconsin, Iowa., Nebraska, USC, Iowa State, has a few others as well. Jon, they’ve had a couple other options on the table at point guard for a little bit now. Dug McDaniel is a four-star point guard — was at least at one point considered a pretty big Michigan lean, but he’s really taken his time with the process, and it seems like Michigan wants to get things going in this class. Five-star point guard Jaden Bradley — another guy they will probably try to recruit until the end just because he’s a highly talented player, plays down at IMG with Juwan’s son, also in the 2022 class. But Jon, with this offer going out today, do you think this is more so a result of McDaniel taking a little too long here or do you think they wanted to expand their board a little bit and start looking elsewhere in case Dug McDaniel ends up going elsewhere?

Jon: McDaniel seemed like the classic thing where if you’re the leader for too long, you just end up not being the leader anymore. Something was preventing him from pulling the trigger. Now it looks like Florida is the leader here for him. He set up a Michigan visit for June, had been offered for a long time, but I don’t know what happened and I think there’s only so much time Juwan was willing to wait for. This could be a tactic to put a little pressure on McDaniel, but at this point it’s more of they’d easily take Trimble if he wanted to commit and be happy with that decision. They are similarly ranked, but Trimble is a lot taller than McDaniel, who is only 5-9, and that may be generous. So I think he has more prototypical size for a guard and shoots really well. I think he has connections to Jordan Poole, who is also from Wisconsin, but I think Trimble is definitely a very good guy to have as — I guess you can call it a Plan B since he’s not the first guy they offered — but he’s a great backup guy to have and a guy likely to commit.

Stephen: It’s interesting because Trimble is definitely more of a combo guard, he’s not a true point, so it’ll be interesting how they see him fitting, whether they want him to become a true point guard. But his athleticism is off the charts, has really good burst and acceleration, and had some pretty impressive dunks on his highlights so he’s got some bounce as well. It’s interesting because I see Frankie Collins more of a true distributor as a true point, so I think Seth Trimble falls into an Eli Brooks role extremely well — a guy who starts at the 2 but easily plays five or 10 minutes at the 1 if needed. That’s where I see Trimble’s skillset, but it depends if Michigan is willing to take both Dug and Trimble here, and how the roster shakes out by the time they would get to campus. But my main takeaway from all of this is he’s a top 80 guy and a lot of people think he’s higher than that overall, or a little underrated at that ranking. So Michigan, you could call it maybe slow-playing, but maybe seeing other options. It kinda feels like when Bama is waiting on a four-star defensive tackle and waiting to see what happens with a five-star. It’s a luxury to have a guy like Seth Trimble you can maintain that relationship with and then as they progress, you send out the offer.

Listen to the entire podcast below.

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