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Juwan Howard continues success on recruiting trail with DeVante’ Jones addition

The hoops program continues to crush the recruiting trail.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: DEC 15 Coastal Carolina at Wofford Photo by John Byrum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

One of the topics on this week’s Future Brew podcast revolves around the addition of transfer point guard DeVante’ Jones to the Michigan basketball program. This isn’t only important for the upcoming season, but for the seasons to come as well.

Von: This is a big pick up here, Jon, because Jones — he’s an experienced player, he’s able to do multiple things well at a pretty high level. But it’s also important because had he not committed, Michigan would have really had to rely on Frankie Collins and Eli Brooks at the 1. Now that Jones is in the mix, it gives Collins all the time he needs to learn behind a seasoned veteran like Jones, while also giving Eli the ability to stay at the 2, because I really think he plays his best basketball at the 2. So many different ways this is a big pick up, Jon, it really is.

Jon: Yeah, I think it definitely answers one of the biggest questions that Michigan basketball was facing this offseason — “Can Eli Brooks lead the offense from the 1,” which he hasn’t really had to do before. But now with Jones on board, I think he handles that and Brooks can stay in the role he’s accustom to. And Frankie Collins can have time to develop and grow because — he’s a top 60 player in the country, but he’s someone who is projected to be in the program for 2-3 years, so he’ll have that time to develop and learn how to run Juwan’s offense. Hopefully Collins can get some good experience, get comfortable with the role and learn from Jones and Brooks; he’s gonna have some great senior leadership at the guard position. And then hopefully he’ll be ready to take over — because I agree with you, Von, Jones will probably only be here for one season, and then Collins can take over the reigns.

Von: Stephen, when it comes to this addition, let’s just talk about the recruiting muscles that Juwan Howard has right now, because this is really just him flexing. He really knows how to get kids to buy into what Michigan has to offer — the brotherhood, the family, the culture, and now you’ve got the winning from this past season. All those things have really been paying off on the recruiting trail, both with high school prospects and players in the portal.

Stephen: Yeah, it’s one thing to be able to sell really well; it’s another thing to do that while producing results. So, you’re able to close on the No. 1 class because he has the authenticity, he has a ton of NBA knowledge and connections, and he’s a guy who knows what it takes. To be able to make this quick of a transition to the college game — that only instills more confidence on top of those qualities that make him as good of a recruiter as he is. He’s been able to maintain some longtime staffers, while adding (Phil) Martelli. Many people have said homerun hire, and I know there was a lot of skepticism going into it, but when you have a guy who can recruit the No. 1 class, hire the right guys on the staff to compliment your skillset, and then go into the transfer portal and fill out your roster, which is only going to become a more important skillset as the transfer portal becomes more heavily reliant by teams to fill those roster gaps — you get what you have now. The only final step here is you need to continue success. And I don’t see that slowing down based on what we’ve seen thus far.

Listen to the entire podcast below.

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