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How 2022 four-star PG Seth Trimble could help Michigan

The Wisconsin native visited Michigan this week and is a top target for Juwan Howard.

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Four-star 2022 point guard Seth Trimble visited Ann Arbor this week, as it looked like the young hooper had a blast with Juwan Howard and the rest of the coaching staff.

Jake Weingarten of also got a chance to chat with Trimble, who is also being recruited by UNC, USC, Indiana, Purdue and Marquette. Trimble has been in constant contact with the Michigan coaches and loves how he could potentially fit on the Michigan roster.

“Michigan has been on me heavily, I talk to coach Martelli every morning,” Trimble said. “I really enjoy coach Howard and his personality, I feel they’re a team who could fit my play style and I’m excited to get out to visit soon.”

Ranked at 77th overall among the 2022 class, Trimble is one of the most underrated hoopers who can transform an offense if he continues to develop his game and grow a few more inches.

Trimble said he would be a great fit with Michigan, but it’s hard to find a school he couldn’t be a good fit for with his athleticism and upside on the offensive end.

He’s got off-the-charts hops and can finish dunks off two feet ease. He can get to the rim with ease, and while he doesn’t necessarily seek out contact, his hang time and mid-air acrobatics helps him slip away from it.

The thing that separates Trimble from other athletic guards is there isn’t a clear offensive flaw in his game. He has a smooth release on his jump shot, as there’s no hitch, and he gets the shot up quickly while defenders are worried about his drive.

The Wisconsin native can find cutters and open teammates with ease, and when he can’t get to the rim, he can finish from mid-range with either a quick push shot or a turnaround jumper where he uses his pivot foot to create space like a veteran guard.

He’s a one-man fast break who is always in control, always balanced and makes the right decision more often than not. He’s got active hands on defense, and rebounds well for his position.

In a breakdown of his game a few months back, Ant Wright compared him to Dennis Smith Jr., as they are both athletic point guards who can see the floor well and make highlight reel dunks look mundane. While I love that comparison when looking solely at athleticism, I think it’s also selling Trimble a little short. With his balance, craftiness and ability to finish at ease from midrange, I see a little bit of DeMar DeRozan in his game.

If Trimble were to pick Michigan out of the laundry list of schools he has offers from, he would fit beautifully on the Wolverines because he can mesh with pretty much every player currently on the roster.

I want to see him run pick-and-rolls with Moussa Diabate and set up Caleb Houstan for open shots. With Trimble running the break, he’ll find other talented guards like Frankie Collins and Kobe Bufkin in transition who can swing momentum for the Wolverines.

If Hunter Dickinson is still around by the time Trimble reaches college, they could be a talented duo and complement each other offensively like how Ja Morant and Jonas Valanciunas do on the Memphis Grizzlies.

If the Wolverines are lucky enough to land Trimble, they have a foundational point guard who can get a bucket with a litany of moves and raise the ceiling for a team that’s already projected to be chock-full of talent.