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LIVE STREAM/Q&A: Michigan's mindset shift to Ohio State and more

A shift in focus has dominated the storylines as of late.

What are the Michigan Wolverines doing now to beat Ohio State?

This question dominated Big Ten Media Days; reporters asked both Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan football players this same question. The response was about what you’d expect: players saying that Ohio State lingers in mind and Jim Harbaugh saying, “we’re going to do it or die trying.” At this point, it’s clear changes were needed after a poor 2-4 season, which would have likely been worse had COVID-19 not shut down the final games of the season.

But what does the extra focus on Ohio State ACTUALLY mean? Are they explicitly using Ohio State as a motivational factor? Do they have graduate assistants or coaches spending more time on the Buckeyes each week? Or is it something that individual players are using internally? They’re questions that aren’t likely to get answered anytime soon, but are important on judging whether or not this shift in Michigan’s mindset to Ohio State will be enough to steal a second win in seventeen meetings.

Join me in this live stream where we analyze the responses to these questions at Big Ten Media Days, as well as my perspective on the topic heading into this season.

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