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LIVE STREAM: Jim Harbaugh’s outlook beyond this season and more

We’re having a preseason discussion on Harbaugh’s future.

Most people would agree that the Jim Harbaugh era of Michigan Wolverines football has not gone according to plan. No wins against Ohio State, split series against Michigan State, and a failure to produce any conference championships or playoff appearances has left plenty of fans quite disgruntled.

Heading into 2021, the question I now pose is this: “What does Jim Harbaugh have to do to remain the head coach for 2022?” He made a lot of changes to the defensive staff, going with a decidedly younger and more recruit-focused group of coaches on that side of the ball. Will a 7-5 season be enough for him to survive another year? In this live stream, I go through various season scenarios in 2021 and my prediction for what would happen in each of them.

Join me tonight at 8:30PM EST to give your thoughts on Harbaugh and his future in Ann Arbor.