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Staff Roundtable: Football excitement is picking up closer to the year

Time has been good for helping cultivate football vibes.

2021 Big Ten Football Media Day Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

This week, members of the Maize n Brew staff were asked a simple question about how the summer has affected how they feel about football season.

Here are a few quick prompts from a handful of our contributors.

Have you gotten more excited for football over the summer? If so, how?

Anthony Broome: Yes I have. I’ve come around to the idea that this could be a better football team than some of the fans think and do think there is some stock to be put into the staff and culture changes. I also am looking forward to seeing people in person again and being on-site at Michigan Stadium. Fingers crossed we can have as normal a fall as possible.

Kellen Voss: This summer, I binged all five seasons of Last Chance U for the first time. It was always a show I was saving to watch this summer because I knew it would get me excited for football. Watching those players play their hearts out, work multiple jobs just to make it to another team, and keep playing the game they loved was really inspiring. With all the dramatic shots leading up to the game of fans in the stands, the band playing, and the players pumping themselves up, Greg Whiteley and Co. really know how to get people excited for football.

Luke Ghiardi: More excited. Turns out, even though I thought and told myself I wasn’t going to get overly excited, my subconscious can’t seem to help itself one August, and camp roll around

Andrew Bailey: Yes. I am probably the most optimistic person working for MnB because I view 2020 as an aberration and not a premonition of continued decline. Injuries, pandemic restrictions, and a rotten culture skewed last year into the disaster that it was. That said, in 3 of the 4 losses, Michigan was in 1 score games in the fourth quarter. Players are healthy; restrictions have been lifted; the overhaul of the coaching staff was a culture changer. Michigan football should return to form and fans are back. How can one not be excited?

Von Lozon: I’m always excited for football, regardless of how good or bad Michigan is “supposed” to be. The return of college football every year is something I cherish. The offseason drags on so long that you sometimes forget how amazing it is until it comes back. So to say I’m excited is an understatement. Bring on some football!