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Potential surprise team in the Big Ten, ascending young players, more

We come back with a grab bag episode for MnB podcast No. 500.

Michigan State v Michigan Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Anthony Broome hosts a special (short and sweet) milestone edition of the Maize n Brew Podcast as we celebrate 500 episodes. For that, we decided to keep it simple and take questions from our Discord server, as well as poll our followers about some of the takes they got massively wrong over the years,

We discuss:

— Who might be a surprise team in the Big Ten this season

— The status of a potential Maize n Brew tailgate this fall

— Hunter Dickinson’s comments on NIL and if Michigan can do more

— Michigan’s summer league standout in the NBA

— Some of our coldest takes from the last five years/history of the podcast

— More!

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