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Report: Scott Frost and Nebraska are being investigated by the NCAA

At least they outhit the violations.

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Nebraska Cornhuskers head coach Scott Frost and his program are under investigation by the NCAA for improper analyst use and unauthorized practices during the pandemic, according to a report from Brett McMurphy of The Action Network.

McMurphy’s sources say that the school has a bevy of video footage of analysts and consultant violations taking place with Frost in attendance and that the Huskers head coach has lawyered up.

Nebraska is also accused of moving its strength and conditioning workouts off-campus during the COVID-19 pandemic at the direction of the Nebraska S&C staff in order to avoid being caught by school officials. McMurphy’s report says it is not known if that is being looked into by the NCAA at this time.

Frost is potentially looking at a few-game suspension, according to the report.

There’s also this amusing bit in there about the Oklahoma game scheduled for this fall:

In March, I reported Nebraska was trying to get out of playing OU, marking the 50th anniversary of the 1971 OU-NU Game of the Century. Nebraska contacted several Group of 5 Conference schools to replace Oklahoma on the schedule, sources told me. However, once my report became public, the negative blowback from Nebraska’s fan base forced the Huskers to play the game as scheduled.

“Frost and Gerrod Lambrecht shopped around trying to find a replacement for Oklahoma without the permission of (then-athletic director) Bill Moos,” a source said. “Frost was in favor of removing the Oklahoma game.”

Moos, who announced his retirement as NU’s AD three months later in June, “jumped on the grenade for that debacle” and took the public relations hit, a source said.

This all seems like a heck of a lot of work to put in to only go 12-20 in three seasons on the job. But at least the program has an identity.

Michigan and Nebraska meet on Oct. 9 in Lincoln, so there’s a chance that it could be Frost’s first game back from a potential suspension if that does take place. It would be another layer to a game that already features two distinguished alums attempting to bring their schools back to glory.