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Daily Brews: Hunter Dickinson, Erik Bakich congratulate Taylor North on Little League World Series Championship

Michigan beats Ohio.

2021 Little League World Series Final - Team Michigan v Team Ohio Photo by Joshua Bessex/Getty Images

It’s been a long time since the state of Michigan had a team win the Little League World Series — 1959 — but that all changed on Sunday afternoon when the boys from Taylor, Michigan beat Ohio 5-2 to win it all.

Michigan baseball coach Erik Bakich posted a video showing how excited he was to see Taylor North take home the title.

“Taylor North! Congratulations, world champion. So fired up, so excited for you guys,” Bakich said. “What an accomplishment, the whole state is fired up for you, we’re so proud of you. Congratulations — awesome, awesome, awesome.”

Michigan Basketball center Hunter Dickinson has also become quite the Taylor North fan, attending one of their Little League World Series games last week.

While Dickinson is back on campus in Ann Arbor and wasn’t able to see Taylor win the championship, he showed his excitement about the big win on Twitter.

Congratulations to Taylor North for representing your city, your region, and your state on a national stage.

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