5 bold predictions for Michigan football in 2021

Michigan Wolverines come from the University of Michigan and make one of the most popular college football teams in the States. The team is proud of the most all-time wins in the entire history of college football, which is also why they break attendance records year after year.

But does all that make Wolverines unbeatable? Absolutely not!

Michigan Wolverines are far from their best years as they still have a lot of bridges to cross and gaps to fulfill. It’s easy to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses, but the real problem is to make the right projections for the upcoming season. We decided to give it a try, so keep reading to see five bold predictions for Michigan football in 2021!

1. Wolverines will have a competitive (and maybe even record-breaking) QB

A quarterback is the heart and soul of every football team and Michigan Wolverines are by no means an exception. Even though the fans are not too crazy about Michigan’s QB selection, our guess is that Wolverines won’t have a problem with this position in 2021.

We say it because each of the three options is highly promising: Cade McNamara, Alan Bowman, and J.J. McCarthy. They make a fine trio of QBs and the only thing that matters is for them to remain healthy.

If the starting QB stays fit throughout the season, we wouldn’t be surprised to see him breaking the club’s record of 3,331 yards passed. Michigan’s legend John Navarre still holds the record, but it can’t stay like that forever, can it?

2. Gemon Green will once again have a startling season with 3+ interceptions

Last year, people were making all sorts of predictions related to Michigan Wolverines, but no one really anticipated that Gemon Green will become a hell of a player so suddenly! The guy turned out to be the best player in the Wolverines’ roster and we expect him to keep thriving in the months to come.

In case you are a fan of Australian online casinos, we recommend placing a bet on Gemon. He is a rising star and a cornerback who will once again have a superior season. The only difference is that we expect him to dominate the field all season long – unlike in 2020. To put it simply, it means we expect Green to collect 3+ interceptions with ease.

3. We’ll get to see a thousand-yard rusher this year

Is this the toughest task for any of the Wolverines to achieve in 2021? We believe it is, but still there’s a strong feeling that we’ll get to see a thousand-yard rusher this year. Michigan’s running backs are usually not perceived as stars in the making, but they make a high-quality group and one of them might as well explode this year.

Wolverines have Hassan Haskins, Blake Corum, and Donovan Edwards as running backs. Our opinion is that Haskins has the greatest chance of becoming a thousand-yard rusher in 2021, but we’ll see soon. The big trio will have at least 12 season games to prove they’re worth the task.

4. Hutchinson will net 10 sacks

It takes a lot of courage to write this one, but we strongly believe that Aidan Hutchinson is capable of netting 10 sacks in a single season. Aidan is a versatile player who can cover more than one position in Michigan Wolverines, so we definitely expect him to unleash the inner beast and collect 10 sacks in the regular season.

Taco Charlton is the last Wolverine who did it back in 2016. We haven’t checked the odds at Parimatch win casino, but there must be a decent return on investment if you bet on Hutchinson to achieve the 10-sack feat. Feel free to give it a try – we are sure Aidan will not disappoint the Wolverine fans.

5. There will be upsets in 2021

Finally, we think there will be upsets in 2021. Michigan Wolverines have a relatively new coaching staff, while there is no superstar player to carry the team every single game. This is why we end the list with a not-too-bright prediction: Michigan Wolverines will lose at least one game they enter as heavy favorites.

The bottom line

Michigan Wolverines might be one of the most loved college football teams in the US, but they are currently not the best team in the league. Wolverines have a lot of room for improvement and we can easily see them taking a big leap forward in the coming season.

This is the main reason why we decided to make a list of five bold predictions for Michigan football in 2021. We don’t expect all of these projections to come true, but some of them definitely will! Which bold predictions for Michigan Wolverines do you consider to be the most likely to happen? Let us know in the comments!

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