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Washington head coach Jimmy Lake explains how Michigan wore their defense down

Washington’s head coach acknowledges the dominance of Haskins and Corum.

NCAA Football: Washington at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

No. 25 ranked Michigan Football improved to 2-0 on Saturday night after beating Washington 31-10.

The rushing attack for Michigan was relentless and continued to have success from start to finish. Michigan rushed for 343 yards. Blake Corum had the best game yet of his young career, with 171 yards and 3 scores. The always reliable and physical Hassan Haskins (155 yards, 1 TD) continued to churn out solid gains while maintaining a balance patience, shiftiness, and power.

Michigan’s offensive line along with Corum and Haskins continued to produce at such a clip that Cade McNamara throwing for just 44 yards didn’t really matter a whole lot in terms of the team winning or losing.

Washington head coach Jimmy Lake was asked why his team wasn’t able to stop the run, and he pointed to a few different reasons. “For us not scoring any points whatsoever, and we don’t give our opponent a reason to throw the football and they can just keep pounding it at us? That’s not a good way to win football games,” Lake said. “It’s team football. We’ve got to put points up, we’ve got to make our opponent not just be able to hand the football off and win the football game.”

Lake mentioned that Washington’s goal was to get their own running game churning, and they prepared for the fact Michigan would aim to have success on the ground. “They obviously played a lot better football game than we did. We went into this thing trying to run the football and the goal was to stop the run. And we did not get those done,” Lake said.

Washington’s defense led the Pac- 12 in total defense a season ago, and the 2021 version of the unit still has a talented secondary and a defensive scheme willing to throw a variety of packages at opposing offenses. Even with Washington’s secondary playing well against Michigan and attempts to adjust in order to stop the run, it seemed like Michigan had an answer via Corum and Haskins all day.

Michigan rushed for 165 yards in the first half and put up just about the same in the second half with 178 yards rushing. “Our defense hung in there for a little while but they did a nice job, popped a big run on us in the second quarter,” Lake said. “And then wore us down in the second half, and they didn’t have to throw it.”