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Maize n Brew Pick’em Podcast: Week 3

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Here’s who you should be throwing money at in Week 3, according to our panel of contributors.

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Luke Ghiardi, Von Lozon, Scotty White, and Anthony Broome are back with another pick’em podcast with a grouping of the best games in the Big Ten, along with a few intriguing matchups across college football. This includes Michigan’s large spread against Northern Illinois, which might be one of the most difficult to project this week. We recorded this episode on Wednesday night, for reference on when these took place.

Here are the games on this week’s slate:

Maryland (-7.5) at Illinois

Michigan State at Miami (FL) (-6.5)

Cincinnati (-3.5) at Indiana

Purdue at Notre Dame (-7.5)

Central Michigan at LSU (-19.5)

Alabama (-14.5) at Florida

Auburn at Penn State (-6.5)

Northern Illinois at Michigan (-27.5)

Picks for Week 3

Game Anthony Scotty Luke Von
Game Anthony Scotty Luke Von
Maryland (-7.5) at Illinois Maryland (-7.5) Maryland (-7.5) Maryland (-7.5) Maryland (-7.5)
Michigan State at Miami (FL) (-6.5) Miami (-6.5) Michigan State (+6.5) Michigan State (+6.5) Michigan State (+6.5)
Cincinnati (-3.5) at Indiana Cincinnati (-3.5) Cincinnati (-3.5) Cincinnati (-3.5) Cincinnati (-3.5)
Purdue at Notre Dame (-7.5) Notre Dame (-7.5) Notre Dame (-7.5) Notre Dame (-7.5) Purdue (+7.5)
Central Michigan at LSU (-19.5) CMU (+19.5) CMU (+19.5) CMU (+19.5) CMU (+19.5)
Alabama (-14.5) at Florida Alabama (-14.5) Alabama (-14.5) Florida (+14.5) Florida (+14.5)
Auburn at Penn State (-6.5) Auburn (+6.5) Penn State (-6.5) Penn State (-6.5) Penn State (-6.5)
Northern Illinois at Michigan (-27.5) Michigan (-27.5) Northern Illinois (+27.5) Michigan (-27.5) Michigan (-27.5)
Week 2 record 5-3 4-4 3-5 5-3
Overall record 9-6-1 8-7-1 8-7-1 10-5-1

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