Lions (1-4) @ Cowboys (4-2) Game Thread


Hello again everyone, I hope you've all had a great couple of weeks since we last commenced to chat about our Detroit Lions. That last game against NE was a stinker and very disappointing on many levels, it was obvious how outcoached we were, the game plan and decision making were atrocious, the effort by the players was not good. If this continues, then we're headed for another woeful season and it looks like that's already started to happen.

Another thing that's really annoying is the amount of injuries the Lions incur as compared to most other teams and to key players like De'Andre Swift, whom again is ruled out for this game, I'm so sick of seeing our RB's we draft highly getting injured and missing games so often. I just wonder if there is some inherent issue with the franchise that is causing this?

Anyway, let's hope the Lions show up and have a good plan and effort in store for us, hope to see some good participation here today, Go Lions!

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